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Mold Engraving
Offering a Suitable Machining Solution with Proven Laser Results
Working closely with our customers and being entrusted with critical mold details is what drives us to excel. As a leader in laser engraving services, PLT provides designers and manufacturers with extensive laser experience, meticulous attention to detail and a strong commitment to enhance the appearance of a molded part. Brand logos or alpha-numeric character sets are etched on various material surfaces, such as stainless steel, graphite, aluminum and copper while providing a quality engraving each time.
In addition to mold components, PLT has the ability to engrave electrodes for EDM applications. Carbon graphite and copper impregnated electrodes are laser etched with either raised or sunk characters and any desired over-burn to meet your machining needs.
High Cavitation Molds
PLT’s combined offering of resources and technology makes us a suitable partner for any high-cavitation project. PLT can also assist with the etching of proto-type tooling so that logos and text layout may be evaluated prior to final part approval. Our extensive capabilities offer expedient, high-quality engraving services to assist in the mold construction of any size.
Sidewalls and Contours
Requiring only a straight line of sight, our laser systems possess the ability to engrave virtually any complex mold surface where other traditional methods fail. With 5-axis laser technology, PLT can ensure no undercuts in the line of draw even for a mold’s vertical sides; all the while maintaining draft angle for graphic integrity and part release.
5-Axis Capability
PLT is equipped with 5-Axis capabilities for better positioning of deep cores and cavities. Ideal for extreme contour surfaces, our 5-Axis laser allows for engraving with optimum tool / part orientation, precise repeatability and a reduced number of setups translating to lower costs.
3D Engraving
Complicated three-dimensional (“3D”) graphics and logos are routinely laser engraved on contours for molding applications. This technology requires the interface of advanced 3D layout and machine control that PLT has demonstrated countless times. As the complexity of mold construction increases, PLT’s technologies will become more important in the future.
Tool Reference
PLT supports its mold customers with the ability to laser mark mold components for tracking and traceability. High cavitation or complex molds contain a lot of moving parts that over time require dissembling and maintenance. The ease of reference by cataloging component parts with legible, permanent laser markings (Human Readable and/or Bar Codes) help expedite the mold’s refurbishment and assembly.
Consult a PLT representative for developments in our Mold Engraving capabilities.
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