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NASA-STD-6002 was established by NASA in collaboration with representatives of Government and Aerospace, to provide uniform requirements for applying Data Matrix identification symbols and human readable characters to Aerospace components and parts utilized on NASA projects and programs. PLT exercises approved Direct Part Marking Methods & Techniques (DPM) to ensure compliance with Aerospace standards, including but not limited to symbol criteria, marking location, surface preparation and verification standards.

DPM is vital to the identity and accountability of all flight hardware and ground support equipment. PLT’s extensive knowledge and permanent marking capabilities play a key role to the recognition and traceability of Aerospace components.
Military & Defense
PLT’s Contract Marking Services offer a cost-effective solution to Prime Contractors and suppliers to satisfy the Department of Defense (DoD) implementation of both machine and human readable initiatives for item identification. PLT’s extensive knowledge and experience with MIL-STD-130, along with Unique Identification (UID) policy, allows contact manufacturers to rely on our best practices to ensure full compliance with identification marking requirements.

Required markings are typically applied directly to the items surface or when necessary, a permanently affixed identification plate, tag or label is utilized. Our marking techniques produce legible markings with high color contrast ready for human and machine readability – markings include 2D data matrix, linear symbols and human-readable translation.
Medical device manufacturing is continually challenged to meet innovative designs and regulatory precision needed in today’s surgical practice. PLT’s lasers skills have become a reliable component in the development of clinical prototypes and approved devices.

The accuracy of our laser cutting and direct part marking services ensure medical instruments are performing at their optimal level. The low heat input and precise beam placement from our weldments offer an ideal solution for thin metal bonding with minimal part distortion.
Aggressive Textures allow for improved grip and control of a firearm. PLT assists manufacturers of polymer frames and components with the creation of Aggressive Textures to improve the physical bond between shooter and firearm.

With the use of laser technology, PLT is capable of deepening patterns, defining intricate shapes and controlling cutting angles to produce superior surface textures on injection molded parts. Our 5-Axis capability offers designers expanded freedom to integrate brand appeal within a texture or extend the texture for additional pressure points for the perfect grip.
Caps & Closures
Closures are an integral part of any packaging design to raise buyer awareness. In addition to providing airtight seals and easy to open access, custom caps and closures help promote brand recognition and identity within consumers. PLT’s laser services offer the ability to replicate intricate logo details to emboss a distinctive trademark, as well as enhance a closure's surface finish for effective touch points.
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