Advantages of Laser Engraving

There are numerous process advantages of laser engraving over more traditional methods of engraving. One major advantage is that the cutting tool is a non-contact, highly focused beam of light producing a mark, which results in less wear and tear on tooling. The fact that the laser process is non-contact reduces the risk of mold damage and deformation, and since the laser beam does not wear, it produces a highly accurate, repeatable engraving. This level of tool care and repeatability is more problematic for traditional methods such as stamping and mechanical engraving, where scissor-like pins are utilized to cut or scratch images into metal. Other advantages include:

  • beam angle to engrave hard to reach areas and convex / concave geometry with more precision,
  • marking speed up to 1500mm/sec – a 30% improvement in process time over EDM and pantograph engraving, and
  • environmentally safe as the laser produces no chemical or toxic bi-products process such as with acid etching.

Usually no special tooling is required, and the resulting mark is permanent, clean and concise. Lasers can engrave most metals and provide more versatility in material and product choices for our customers.

For metals, PLT utilizes Nd:YAG technology because the wavelength of light produced is ideally sized to react with materials that have densely packed molecular structures. Because of the complexity of many injection molds, Computer-Numeric-Control (CNC) positioning stages are included to precisely move and orient the part’s continually changing surface under the laser. Careful control of laser settings and parameters allows for very intricate 3D engravings in the most complex mold cavities. PLT’s in-depth knowledge and experience of laser systems, mold configurations and metal ablation gives us an advantage in precisely controlling critical dimensions and wall angles in deep engravings.


Advantages of Laser Engraving

There are numerous process advantages of laser engraving over more traditional methods . . .
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