Precision Laser Technology is a leader in laser engraving services providing OEM’s and contract manufacturers with the right expertise to enhance the appearance and performance of their products. Our innovative laser techniques produce engravings and markings of unmatched quality and design.

Let us improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your products.

Laser Services

PLT offers a wide range of laser machining services. Our dedicated team and financial commitment to technology continue to expand our laser offerings and meet the growing needs for precision, quality and shorter lead times.



PLT’s laser services are utilized throughout many markets. Our laser applications offer the ability to enhance the surface finish, raise brand awareness, increase functionality, or establish permanent identification for any product.



PLT’s team of skilled technicians continue to develop methods and techniques to improve our laser services as well as identify solutions to address unmet needs.


When the military and aerospace require permanent identification and traceability, prime contractors rely on PLT Marking Services.

For thin metallic and non-metallic materials, PLT Micro-Machining Services are a viable, cost-efficient solution.

PLT Marking Services offer permanent impressions on medical instruments without the use of contaminated inks or additives.

PLT Engraving Services extend to custom decorating and personalization of wood and glass items.

PLT Laser Welding Services offer precise, controlled deposit for quick and easy mold repair.

PLT’s Ad/Specialty Division provides laser engraving services to many of the industry’s global distributors and suppliers.

PLT Engraving Services assist Mold Makers with the etching of precision details and textures.

Laser Services

Mold Engraving

Laser engraving is a computer-driven, environmentally friendly alternative to mechanical . . .
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Laser Texturing

Many of today’s molds maintain a texture that was either chemically etched or auxiliary machined . . .
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Direct Part Marking

PLT extends its laser technologies to marking plastic, ceramic, leather and anodized materials.
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Laser Cutting

With a concentration toward thin material (less than 0.010″ thickness), our laser cutting . . .
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Laser Welding

Our Laser Welding systems are equipped with tilt adjusting optics allowing the laser beam . . .
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Laser Drilling

PLT provides drilling of precision pinholes and apertures, either vertically or angled . . .
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